Classroom Sponsor: Kolter Elementary in Houston Texas

Kolter Elementary School was completely flooded. They are relocating for the 2017-2018 school year to another campus that is located 5 miles from the flooded Kolter campus as it is being remodeled. The teachers at Kolter Elementary have lost personal items, books, book bins, school supplies, classroom rugs, lamps, the list goes on. They will be starting from a completely clean slate.

The Lady Savant Foundation will be 'adopting' the foreign language program run by Mr. Gonzalez. He teaches languages programs from Kindergarten until 5th grade.


Bachelor and Master's Degree of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and Master's Degree of Teacher


Qualified Teacher status credential teacher in England and Wales, Texas Education Agency International Bilingual Education Teacher Certification

Professional Experiences:


Loves physical activity in a natural environment-like trail running and surfing. Traveling is one of his biggest hobbies. He also enjoys discovering and learning about gastronomy, history, and customs of the different countries he visits.

You can help rebuild the classroom by purchasing from here.

We are grateful for your assistance in helping fulfill Mr. Gonzalez's teacher wish list.

You can also donate here to help rebuild as well