Family #1: Celina, Chad, Hayden & Camden

On the evening of August 26, Chad and Celina's lives changed forever. They were at home with their two young children in Friendswood, TX when flood water came rushing in. The water rose at such a rapid pace the family was forced to retreat to their attic for safety. Celina was holding their 10 month old baby wondering if the water would keep rising, while putting the puddle jumper for safely on their 6 year old daughter while waiting to be rescued. Calls to 911 were not going through and after six grueling hours they were rescued by a private citizen in a boat. They were taken to a local elementary school that was being used as a shelter. The family was captured by a local news station at the end of their rescue seen below

From Celina, "This photo will forever be with me. We were captured on the news as the scariest night of my life was ending. We knew we had lost everything we owned, but the moment of getting on dry land with the one thing that couldn't be replaced was the most amazing feeling. Hug your loved ones a little tighter, realizing how truly blessed we are to have them in our lives."

They have lost everything...home,cars, clothing, and memories. Of course, like the other 85% of people in the area, had no flood insurance.

Celina and Chad have two kids; daughter Hayden who is 6 years old, and son Camden who is almost 10 months old.

They have left the shelter and are camping out at a family member’s residence as temporary shelter.

We are asking you to assist in helping this young family out by donating, anything helps. Monetary donations are appreciated for immediate assistance, as well list of essential items listed here on Amazon. Anything purchased on this list will be sent directly to the family.

LIST OF ITEMS NEEDED (found here on Amazon):

Items may be shipped directly to: Samantha Spratte, 17923 Alora Springs Trace, Cypress, TX 77433