Family #3: Meg, Justin, Twin boys Logan & Ethan and Baby Boy due in December

The Burke Family has lost everything. Meg Burke is 34 and married to her high school sweet heart, Justin (35), for three years this coming Tuesday. They have two-and-a-half-year-old, identical twin boys, Logan and Ethan. They are expecting third son to arrive around Christmas this year! They also have three dogs, Lucy (6), Bella (11) and Zoe (16). The Burke's moved to Katy in September 2014, shortly after getting married and it was the first house either of them had ever owned.

After debating on how and timing to leave, their neighbor had come across a kayaker who had come from Austin to help people evacuate; he told them they had a flat bottom boat and they were getting people out. The Burke's had two hours to get a backpack of clothes and walk down in thigh high water with three dogs and the twins to meet them at the boat. It was at this point Meg started to panic. It finally hit, this is serious and we have to get the kids to safety. The water was rising about 12” an hour at this point. So they went back inside and frantically tried to prepare. About a half hour later, another knock at the door, the boat was broken, we would have to find another way out. They were finally rescued in a rushed attempt by her cousin, Tracey. She came in and said, we have to go, NOW! The family had everything ready in backpacks ready to go and grabbed the boys and put them in the Jeep. It was pouring down rain and the boys were terrified. The situation was beyond frantic but they were trying not to panic. The threw the belongings in the 10” lifted Jeep and loaded the dogs up in their kennels and loaded them up. It took about ten minutes to get everyone out of the house and into the Jeep, the boys were screaming the whole time, clinging to their blankets, absolutely scared out of their minds.

After arriving at Justin's parents house nearby, Justin and friend Jonathan left and purchased a 17' red canoe, paddles and life jackets. Justin went went back into neighborhood and grabbed a couple things from house that they weren't able to grab when they first left that couldn't take in the rush of evacuating including car seats and some needed medicine. They ended up grabbing some friends and taking them over to Justin's parents' house as well. Three guys, Justin, Jonathan and Don left again and went back to the neighborhood and ended up rescuing 10 more people along with a few animals and go them to safety. By the end of the day they had been working to rescue our neighbors for several hours, and over the next 24-36 hours that red canoe rescued over 85 people and some of their pets!

They feel fortunate to be able to stay with family at the moment and are just asking for help in the form of gift cards and cash to get them thru this period. They will need to completely rebuild their life soon, and they also lost all of the newly purchased baby furniture for the upcoming birth of their new son. So monetary donations and gift cards will definitely be put to good use. Please visit their wish list here to help.

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