Family #4: Dutch, Shay, Laney, Hunter, and twins Christian & Brady

With a home located near the Barker reservoir, the Betke family watched as unrelenting rain from Hurricane Harvey fell. Then, the flood waters came. Over a period of hours, the water filled the streets with rising water. The Betke's continued to watch as the water inched closer and closer to their home, rising so high in the street that the fire hydrant in their yard was no longer visible.

This family, like many others in the area, had decided to stay in their home to wait out the storm. The flood waters entered the garage first, and that was when, Dutch Betke, father of four and General Manager of AMC First Colony 24 turned off the power to the house. Shay Betke, a stay at home mom, began putting her children to bed in the darkness that filled their home. It rained. Water began seeping into the home through the walls of their 2 story home, through the front of the house and into the foyer. As it became apparent that the rain would not waver, Dutch texted a family friend to tell her to contact a rescue boat in the event that the neighborhood went under mandatory evacuation. The friend did not wait. She immediately began a search to find a rescue boat and texted the couple to let them know she would have a boat to them by 10pm.

At that point, Dutch understood that it was time to evacuate his family and their two golden retrievers Sophie and Tate. He reached out to a friend and fellow basketball coach who had a boat and asked him to rescue his family. Already on a rescue of another family in a different part of Katy, the friend told Dutch he would get to The Betke's around 11pm. The eleven o'clock hour past, then midnight, and finally around 1am, the friend walking with a partner and raft boat arrived at the home. Unfortunately, it was apparent that there was not enough room for the family of six on the boat. It was decided that Hunter, the oldest son, and Dutch would walk behind the boat. At approximately 115am, the group began the two mile journey in the rain and darkness.

With no flood insurance, this family needs help rebuilding their home. Furniture, flooring, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer and possibly both vehicles will need to be replaced. This single income family wait for the flood waters to recede in order to rebuild their home and begin their life anew.

We ask you help this family rebuild. Click here to see a list of items found on Amazon that can be purchased directly from the site and shipped directly to the family.

LIST OF ITEMS NEEDED (found here on Amazon):

Items may be shipped directly to: Tracy Gift, 22018 Erincrest Court, Katy TX 77450

Cash is essential at this stage of recovery, so please consider donating gift cards or cash here for the families