Family #5: The Hernandez Family: Tonja (mom), Jesse (dad), Cameron (13 year old son), Makayla (12 year old daughter), Avery (10 year old son) from Woodlands, TX

*They also have 2 older sons that live out; Triston (21 years old) is currently serving our country in the navy in Washington, and the other son, Brandon, (19 years old) a sophomore in college at UL in Lafeyette Louisiana. Tonja was a volunteer firefighter and home care worker before becoming a stay at home mother.

The Hernandez family has been living in the shelter for the past 2 weeks. They have literally lost EVERYTHING they own. They have no flood insurance and the entire 1st floor of their town home flooded, along with most of their belongings, and their car was flooded to the dash board.

The family wasn't told evacuation was mandatory so they decided to wait it out hurricane, but by early morning they were flooded in up to the second floor. The Fire department was called and came to rescue them by boat and were taken to a shelter.

Right before moving to their Woodlands apartment, they had been staying with friends for 6 months saving up for their own place. Once they were able to move out (to an apartment, not the house yet), their car broke down so had to use money saved up hopefully for a new home, to buy a car. Jesse had been hospitalized a few weeks prior due to complications from diabetes and had subsequently not paid their car insurance due to being out of work. Sadly, they lost every belonging they had to Harvey.

The Hernandez family needs your help! Please help them by ordering essential items here.

If you would like to send new or gently used clothing, please see sizes and address to be shipped to below:

Items may be shipped directly to: Tonja Hernandez, 594 Sawdust Rd, #336, The Woodlands/Spring TX, 77380

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