Help us Heal Houston! The lady Savant Foundation will be prioritizing Houston as our #1 fundraising effort for the forseeable future.

As you may know, 2 of our founders are from Texas, so the the catastrophe in Houston really hits close to home. We decided the best approach for us would be to take a more direct approach to helping people there. In this direct approach, we are committed to 'adopting' families in need in the Houston and surrounding areas. Unfortunately there are thousands of families that are in need of assistance and we are here to help! In addition, we are looking to 'adopt' classrooms to assist teachers and students continue education!

To read about our families and classrooms, click here.

A staggering amount of families that were pushed out of their homes had no flood insurance, and effectively have lost everything. The lady Savant Foundation will dedicate 100% of our resources to helping these families in need. We hope to send each family care baskets containing financial help in the form of various gift cards, as well as essential items for now and also to help them get back on their feet. We are partnering with various larger (and very generous!) companies that will assist us, including W by WORTH who will donate brand new, high end women's clothing for the women in our families, and Norwex/Jamie Silver that are offering disaster relief kits. We hope to partner with more companies like this to make comfort possible in this time of need. Please contact us if you can help!


Please donate now! Every $1, $5, $20 donation helps! We have team members on the ground in and near Houston that will be assisting our families to get what they need! The more donations we receive, the more families we can start helping!